Tips to Improve Your Score

Tips to Improve Your Score

We’ve all had that moment mid-conversation where we forget what we were about to say. The thought just vanishes. This could be because your Short Term Memory (STM) is at capacity. In fact, studies show the STM can only facilitate around seven items of information at a time. Typically this information can be stored anywhere from 15-30 seconds, which isn’t very long! This is why memory games prove to be challenging.

Picture This Game helps exercise the parts of the brain involving memory. Getting correct card matches can just be a lucky guess sometimes, but we’re here to help you improve your match rate. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve your recall skills and step up your game.

Look for Color: Colors are one of the first things we notice when shown an image. Red, blue, and yellow stand out the most because they are primary colors. Identifying a predominant color can help you remember what was in the image.

Try the Corners First: Cards displayed on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right are the easiest spaces to recall because they are on the edge of the game.

Think in Columns and Rows: By thinking in columns and rows, the cards in the game can act as a grid. When you see a card image for the first time, use the grid to pinpoint its location. The yellow duck is three cards over, two cards down. When you pick the other yellow duck, you’ll remember which column and row the match is in!

Try the Same Card: Keep your eye on one card and try to find its match. You’ve already got 50% of the match, so the odds are in your favor if you focus on one card match at a time.

Pay Attention to your Opponent: Even though it isn’t your turn, watch what your opponent is doing! They could reveal a match to a card you were looking for. Now’s your chance to get that match!

With these tactics, you should be well on your way to getting a 100% Card Match rate. Keep track of your progress in the “Your Statistics” section of the menu. Show off your skills to your opponents today and play Picture This Game!


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