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Students retain information better when the lesson plan is interactive. A lesson plan with visual elements combined with an interactive experience engages the learner even more. This not only makes learning more impactful but fun! Picture This creates this exact type of educational experience. Alone, this classic, card-matching memory game improves recall skills and cognitive function of the working memory. However, Picture This allows you to personalize each game which creates even more engagement and connection to the learner. With the ability to upload your own pictures and add captions, you can create a game that fits many educational categories for all ages and learning abilities.



Social Studies: Create a game of Picture This for your classroom to help remember the order our Presidents served office. When a student reveals a correct card match, they will then be prompted to match the caption to the image. A Presidential game of Picture This would help a student recognize the face of Ronald Reagan and take memorization a step further by adding captions that recall his name and dates he served. For older students who may already know the names, create a game that matches the famous quote to the president to help remember the impact they made in office.

Language Arts: Create a game of Picture This for your classroom to help remember vocabulary words. When a correct word match is revealed, they will then be prompted to identify the correct meaning of the word through the caption. For higher levels of education, Picture This can be a great way to learn vocabulary for international studies. When revealing a correct card match of the phrase “está a mi derecha”, the students would then have to remember the translation “to my right”.

Science: Create a game of Picture This for your classroom to help remember the types of clouds your class is learning. When a student reveals matching images of cumulus clouds, they will then be prompted to guess the caption as to what type of precipitation that cloud produces. Or, take elements of the Periodic Table. When (Na) and (Cl) are combined, what chemical reaction do these make? Table salt is a correct caption!

Math: Create a game of Picture This for your classroom to help remember mathematical equations. When a student reveals the equation (πr2), they will then be prompted to guess what the formula calculates. On a smaller scale, take images of shapes and help students remember the corresponding name to a slanted rectangle is a rhombus.

These are only a few possible ways to integrate a lesson plan with Picture This. Students can play individual games on any handheld device, or you can create a game through our website and cast it right to your interactive learning board! Get students out of their seats and engaged in the subject matter. The possibilities are endless with fully customizable games to fit whatever subject at any learning level.

Download Picture This for free on any phone, tablet, or play on our website.

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