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Custom Card Backs can be created for games of Picture This through your account after logging in. You can create custom Card Backs to make a game personal for special group events like wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, graduation parties, company retirement parties, company holiday parties, etc where the guests are invited.

Card Backs can be used in public places like bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, clubs, etc. to entertain those who chose to stop by. The list is endless in either case. When creating a game on a laptop or desktop, it can be projected onto a screen or shown on a large TV so all (even those not actually playing) can enjoy the festivities.

Custom Card Backs can also be created to personalized games of Picture This for special people in your life where the game becomes a “gift” from you to them. By creating a Custom Card Back of yourself or something about you, you are making the game very personal and special for special people.  Just like Sponsor Card Backs, creators of Custom Card Backs must supply a valid email address in case they forget the password to their account.

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