Maximize use of executive functions

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the information processing section of the brain and alters the development of nerve cells and how an individual’s synapses connect and organize information. Those on the spectrum may vary in cognitive abilities. Some may have more severe impairments, such as difficulty with verbal communication and limited motor abilities. Others may be classified as high-functioning individuals who may have active but unconventional social approaches, have specialized interests, and communicate in a verbose or pedantic way.

Although cognitive impairments are not part of the classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder, many people with ASD experience executive function deficits. Executive function is a term to encompass cognitive processes such as working memory, the initiation of monitoring behaviors over one’s inhibition, preparation, and impulse control. Working memory is essential to navigating in the social world and helps with the ability to suppress unrelated information, multi-task, and control information stored in long-term memory. These aspects of the working memory are extremely beneficial in ASD due to the cognitive regions the spectrum affects, such as social impairments, communication troubles, and repetitive activities. They are less likely to anticipate and reflect on past experiences when faced with similar experiences. This, in turn, creates difficulty in reacting to everyday social situations.

Develop situational recall skills

Picture This Game takes the classic, card-matching memory game and allows you to create a personalized gaming experience. The ability to use your own pictures as the images to match creates a personal connection that other memory-exercising games lack. Since Picture This is a visual and interactive app, it will help enhance the working memory of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by exposing them to visual content. The repetitive nature of matching the cards in the game will exercise executive functions such as one’s impulse control, monitoring inhibitions, and situational recall.

Using Picture This to practice monitoring these behaviors will, in turn, develop skills to use in real-life social situations and create a better quality of life. Picture This Game itself can also be a social situation, where an individual can play with friends or family members near or far in a way that facilitates communication with less verbal interaction.

Try Picture This Game with someone you know on the spectrum to help exercise their brain and facilitate communication in a low-stress situation.

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