Distance is no Match for Picture This Game

Distance is no Match for Picture This Game

If you’re like us, you have family members who live near and others who live states away and you know video chatting can prove to have a less-than-poor connection with great distances. Luckily, there’s an alternative way to keep in touch with loved ones,  and it comes in the form of Picture This Game.

The Invite feature allows you easily invite friends and family members to partake in Picture This Game, no matter how far the distance between you may be. You can invite someone from your Picture This Game Friends List or invite someone through your device’s contacts via text message! The other player will get a notification to join and can accept to play.

Your Aunt Lisa just heard all about your trip to the pumpkin patch, and you just heard all about your little cousin’s big role in the school play. Now you can show each other! Upload your photos to share or have each player participate by assigning pictures and captions to the cards in play.

The chat feature allows you to send messages to the other player without leaving the game. You send, “So cute!” to your Aunt Lisa after matching the cards with the picture of your little cousin as The Cowardly Lion. She sends, “That’s the biggest pumpkin ever!” after she matches the cards with the picture of your pumpkin on the scale.

For round two, you can choose to capture new photos to set as the pictures on the cards! You could take a picture of Bernard, your golden retriever puppy, who is sleeping with his favorite toy in his mouth. You could take a picture of the new couch you just bought or even a silly selfie. Whatever you choose to share!

The possibilities are endless and each game is a unique experience with new surprises. Distance is no match to Picture This Game. Download Picture This Game today and stay connected to our loved ones near and far!


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