Tap into visual strengths

People with Down Syndrome tend to have a limited short-term memory, which means they struggle to store and manipulate information over short periods. This can impact many areas of learning, including learning words, grammar and reading.Visual learning is strong among people with Down Syndrome but remembering verbal information is challenging. Research suggests that they learn better when they can see things illustrated. Engaging them with Picture This Game may help with their cognitive and developmental delays.

Picture This Game for people with Down Syndrome

Create a receptive learning environment

Create a receptive learning environment

Picture This Game allows you to create a personalized gaming experience. Set up a game using pictures familiar to them, such as pictures of their family, friends, or even their pets. With this, you create a personal connection that encourages them to play.

While playing the game, they need to remember the placement of the cards to find a match. It teaches them to remember items in the order that they were given. As well as using pictures in the game for visual prompts, help them remember information that requires them to listen to improve auditory and verbal short-term memory. Mention the name or description of each picture and let them respond by locating where the card is. Research suggests that the processing of spoken information improves when it is supported by relevant picture material.

Playing Picture This Game demonstrates a rehearsal training strategy, which helps increase memory span durably. Rehearsal training can also improve working memory in individuals with Down Syndrome.

Try Picture This Game today and help them learn better by using their visual strengths.

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