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When a loved one’s memory declines, communicating can become a struggle. Picture This Game provides an effective opener that facilitates communication with that loved one through the power of images. Use photos from long ago, the recent past, and everywhere in between. Picture This Game can engage both the short- and long-term memory of a spouse, parent, or grandparent with dementia or other memory-related challenges.

In turn, this can help them connect past memories—and people—to their present reality. And with Picture This Game, you can also make visits to Grandma or Grandpa a lot more fun and comfortable for grandchildren. How many games out there have the power to do that?

Picture This Game for Memory Care

For people with developmental disabilities

Picture This Game can also be a great way to engage people with developmental disabilities. The game’s simple premise combined with the use of meaningful photos can provide a mentally stimulating and potentially therapeutic exercise. Beyond that, Picture This Game can create a valuable sense of accomplishment when there’s a successful match made.

Picture This Game for Seniors

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