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In short, Picture This is a free app that puts a spin on the age-old card-matching memory game. With the ability to customize the image and caption on each card, you get a personalized gaming experience every time!

Getting Started:
It’s simple. Get started by creating an account, which will be used in the app and on (We’ll explain how the website comes into play shortly). Next, choose a username/nickname of your choice. After a username is chosen, click on the menu button on the top-right corner of the screen to create an account and set up your email address and password. With these login credentials, you can visit PictureThis and login to create custom card backs!

Card Backs vs. Card Faces:
Card backs are available for purchase and created on the website, These custom designs appear on the back of the card before it is turned over in gameplay.
Card faces are chosen within the app, either from photos in your photo gallery or snapshots from your camera. These appear on the front of the card when turned over. For example, on a regular deck of cards, the card face is where the number and suit are displayed.

Adding “Friends”:
Much like social media accounts, you can add “friends” using the code provided at the bottom of your “friends” list. The icon on the top left of the screen contains your “friends” list. Once the code is entered, a request will be sent to the recipient to be accepted.

Creating a Game:
Once an account is created, one user can create a game and invite a friend(s) to play! The game creator can choose to safely upload pictures from their photo gallery or access the camera to take a snapshot. Each photo will show up as a pair in a set of 6, 12, or 20+ number of cards and it’s up to you or your opponent to find the match! In addition to finding a card match, the game creator can also choose to assign captions to the cards.

What is a Caption?
Captions are an optional feature that a game creator can choose to include or not. If included, the player who identified the correct card match must now choose the correct caption for the card. A caption could be the name of the person in the card image, or whatever the game creator has chosen. For example, if the image on the card is a vintage photo of a relative, the captions are a way to guess which relative is pictured for an added challenge.

How is the Game Scored?
Points are awarded when a correct match is found. If the game creator chose to include captions, points are awarded when both a card match AND caption match are found. The number on the face of the card determines how many points are awarded, up to ten points. For example, if a card has “5 of clubs” around your image, then five points are awarded. Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces are all worth ten points each. If the player correctly matches the card but not the caption, the player is not awarded any points that turn. If the game creator does not choose to include captions, only correctly-matched cards will be awarded points. The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Go to “Your Statistics” in the menu icon in the top right to see a summary of all your scores!

When Does the Game End?
The game ends when all card matches and captions are identified.

With Picture This, the possibilities are endless and each game is a unique experience with new surprises. Picture This is suitable for all ages 4+ and allows friends and family to reminisce on old memories while creating new ones!

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