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The game was a lot of fun. It was surprisingly difficult. No matter if you selected 12 cards, 20 cards, whatever the … It gave our team quite a challenge, I would say, which was cool, and surprising. Picking captions was challenging,I really enjoyed showing my family this game. I think they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves. I really liked how we played with teams. It made it a little more interactive, versus just one-on-one. especially if you weren’t completely aware of what the images were, made it quite challenging. But, it was nice to be able to put words to a picture that you weren’t 100% sure of. You know, my first instinct I guess as they would say in a multiple choice setting, go with your gut. Unfortunately, it was wrong quite a few times. It ended up being quite competitive and we were able to maybe fool them a little bit, telling them that it’s in a different location, or that that wasn’t the right spot to pick, and it ended up making it pretty fun.

If I was to play this game with anybody, I think I would target people from across the United States, family, friends. We got friends that live in Hawaii, we’ve got family and friends that live in Minnesota, down in Florida. It’d be nice to have another way of connecting with them, rather than text messaging, or phone calls. I think this would be an excellent game to play with kids. I think our nephew, we like to play … We spread all the cards on the floor. We like to play the match game. He just loves doing that. He kicks our butt every time at it. It would be nice to play this game with him, via the internet when we don’t get to see him all the time.

Matthew K

I really liked the game. It is really great between the older generations and the younger generations. I think it’d be really fun to play with younger kids and also teach them what your family’s been all these years, and I just … It was a lot of fun to play.

It was so much fun to trash talk everybody. It’s so … Competitiveness is pretty big with us, so oh, it was so cool to see someone, especially one like my husband really hasn’t seen a lot of the different pictures, so he … It’s just new and it’s fun to see what he thought of them, or who he thinks they are, and stuff like that.

I would love to play the game with future grandkids, and siblings. It’d be a lot of fun with them, and with my in-laws would be a blast. It’d be great family Christmas day.

Oh, I would love to play with somebody across country. It would be so much fun to be able to trash talk them on there, and also be able to see if they could remember who they were that we’d been talking about for years.

Lora B

Yeah, I really enjoyed playing the game with the family. It was fun. I thought it was neat. I like the game because you see pictures that you don’t even remember were taken, and I liked the game because the way you play other games, yeah, you kind of get competitive, you smack talk and stuff like that. It was very enjoyable.

Marilyn H

I really enjoyed showing my family this game. I think they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves. I really liked how we played with teams. It made it a little more interactive, versus just one-on-one.

I really liked playing the game with my family. It was a lot of fun. I think that everyone being really interactive and really enjoyed their time playing against each other, kind of battling it out. I enjoyed playing the game with my grandparents too. It was kind of fun to see them recognize old pictures, and old memories, and be able to reminisce on some of their past experiences.

Tiffany K

Sammy L. –  I enjoyed it greatly. Had a great time hanging out with the residents, and they all seemed to really enjoy it. I think I can see it applied in a bunch of different areas, in my nursing home here. Just in our short-term care. I can see it as a way to keep spirits up while someone’s staying here for a short time. Just seeing pictures of their loved ones knowing hey, I get to go back home, and those people are there waiting for me. But in the long-term application, I can see it really being a benefit for memory and just retention of … Just seeing those faces, and remembering those names, I think, it can really be used kind of across the board here.

Oh, I think they had a hoot. They really seemed to enjoy it, and not only were they excited when they saw the pictures that matched, and they actually won, but they were excited just to see all the different pictures, and to work with each other in remembering where those pictures were.

Oh, obviously, working in long-term care, and short-term care post-acute rehab, I see the application here first and foremost, because that’s what I know every day. But, I could see it at a family reunion, something where you can switch up those pictures so quickly, where you can just apply it for a bunch of different people, just a big get-together, something like that.

I think that we could take pictures of the people, and see their faces. That would be fun. But other things that we could do would be going down into our memory care unit, where we have a lot of different activities that are all set up, taking pictures of those activities, and maybe having them play … Just matching the activities, or matching these are … This is our library, this is our art area, this is Helen’s room, something like that.

With working with our activities department, they create activities for the whole month. I could see them not only using this as a scheduled activity, but also as a one-on-one activity, so they have those residents that maybe can’t get down to the gym to play balloon volleyball, but we have an activity volunteer who couldn’t go down there and play this game one-on-one with them.

I think that not only could it be used on a monthly basis where it’s actually scheduled into our scheduled activities, but it could also be used as a one-on-one application, where we have those residents that can’t go down to the dining room to go play balloon volleyball or something like that. But we could have an activity person go down to his or her room and just play this game one-on-one too. I think it’d be a great application that way.

I like how the pictures aren’t saved to a database somewhere else, where security breach, data breach is one everyone’s mind. But, I like how we can just upload those pictures, and then when we’re done with the game they’re gone, and you can start over.

Sammy L.

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