Helping you get more–a lot more–from your photos

We live in a world awash with photos. But what are we really doing with them? We created Picture This so people could engage with photos in a way that’s both new and exciting but also familiar and comfortable. Picture This lets you share and view photos while you also have fun, engage with others, learn new things, and challenge your memory ability—all through a simple digital card game!

The genesis of Picture This

Many paths converged to create Picture This. An early version came from programmers tasked with developing a fun holiday party game. Suffice it to say that combining personal digital photos with a memory-based card game went over surprisingly well. And that got us thinking: What if people could do more with their digital photos than just post, share, or store them? What if our love of online games could be combined with our love of digital photos?

Now add this important detail: Picture This founders have a background in assisted living and memory care. Not only that, we know firsthand how difficult it can be to communicate with loved ones who have problems with declining memory.

So, to put it simply, we wanted to see if Picture This could be used to engage them. We weren’t disappointed. What we found was that Picture This provided a new avenue to make contact and communicate. By using a variety of photos, both recent ones and others from long ago, we saw loved ones come to life as they recognized people from their past and engaged with the easy-to-follow premise of the game.

After that, the possibilities exploded. We already knew how fun the game could be at a corporate party. From there, it was easy to imagine a range of other scenarios—family reunions, your local brew pub, even on the couch with your kids.

After testing at gaming conventions and in restaurant settings, we knew we were ready to officially launch. So here we are. Welcome to Picture This.