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Is my personal data safe with Picture This?

Yes. Your privacy is always protected with Picture This as no personal data is ever collected, stored, or shared. Players in an active game can see other player’s photos during the game. Uploaded photos DURING the game are held on Amazon’s servers (AWS) and are deleted at the end of the game or after two (2) hours (which ever comes first)..

I like how the pictures aren’t saved to a database somewhere else, where security breach, data breach is one everyone’s mind. But, I like how we can just upload those pictures, and then when we’re done with the game they’re gone, and you can start over.

Sammy L.

Can you use any kind of photo, no matter how old?

Yes. Any photo can be used for Picture This as long as it can be scanned or simply photographed with a smartphone. Digital photos on a computer or smartphone can be loaded into the game without any additional steps.

How many people can play at one time?

The maximum setting for playing at one time is 10. For groups larger than 10, dividing up into teams is encouraged. Teams allow for more social interaction and fun!

Large numbers of individual players can work because of the memories and conversations that Picture This encourages. Note: large numbers of individual players can slow the pace of the game and limit some of the friendly competition and associated banter, just like with any card game. Whether to play with teams or as individuals is up to you!

Do you have to caption the photos in order to play?

No. The caption option is the game creator’s decision to use as an added feature of the game. The guessing of captions creates additional points scored, and will offer another chance for laughter, memories, and fun!

How long can a caption be?

Captions for Picture This are limited to 30 characters per picture.

Can a caption just be a name?

Yes. A caption can be anything you want. However, the game has a filter to change any “unacceptable” word to be substituted with “*****” when displayed. The filter is very sensitive.

How does the game know if I guessed the right caption?

Each individual caption is connected to a particular photo in the game. A match is based on the text of the caption so duplicate captions will allow either to be correct with a particular photo. The screen will tell all players if the chosen caption was correct or incorrect.

Does a player automatically get another turn if they match two cards?

This rule is up to the game creator. The game of Picture This can be played with an earned turn for every right answer or simply one turn per player. Guessing the correct caption can do two things, added points and another turn. It is truly up to the game creator. This is both a competitive and a social game. The conversation created by the images and the game can be rewarding, as much as the scoring or even more, you decide.

Is there a time limit on the game or a player’s turn?

You can play Picture This with or without a time limit on a player’s turn. Your options are NONE, meaning no time limit, or 10, 20, or 30 seconds per turn for a faster paced game. The time limit can be a bit restrictive when playing with teams. If a faster paced team game is desired, the 30 second option will likely give enough time for teamwork and social interaction while keeping the game moving.

How far away can a player be from the game operator’s device?

Players accessing the game must be within 1000 feet of the creator’s device if the creator (“limits players to my location”). If this option is not selected, games are public. However, when searching for non-private games only the nearest 30 games will be displayed. “Private games” created on mobile devices have no geographical limits, making it possible to play Picture This with anyone, anywhere in the world via the internet.

Does Picture This require any special equipment or technology to run at restaurants, bars, or any other public venue?

No. Picture This, if accessed through our website, is a computer-based game that can be delivered anywhere via the internet. Games created on a desktop or laptop (and perhaps connected to a projector or TV) are always “Private” games, meaning players can only join if they know the “Name” of the game. Thus, a game created on a desktop or laptop will provide the name of the game to people in the room ten (10) minutes prior to the automatic start of the game. This count down time limit provides interested players to join the game. Each player can use their own personal mobile device to play the game using either WiFi or data.

Can any picture or image go on the back of a card?

It depends on whether it is a Custom Card Back or Sponsor Card Back.

Custom Card Backs are for individuals to personalize a game for intended individuals; or for special events to feature the event purpose such a baby or wedding shower; or for business events such as holiday parties or game night to advertise the business to those playing the game. That is, the game creator has an idea of who the game is meant for and creates a custom card back that is appropriate for their intended player audience.

Sponsor Card Backs are for public use and must be approved by Picture This prior to use. The approval takes into account that this game is designed to be family friendly for people of all ages, from young children to the elderly and everyone in between.

Do card backs need to be approved?

Sponsor Card Backs are for public use and must be approved by Picture This prior to use. The approval takes into account that Picture This is designed to be family friendly for people of all ages, from young children to the elderly and everyone in between.

Logos or other images on the card backs must be respectful to all genders, races, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

There is a two-step approval process that takes approximately 48 hours. Initial preliminary approval will usually happen during the first 24 hours after submission, with the final approval taking place within 48 hours on average.

Once a Card Back is approved and paid for, it can be used for the number of Card Back impressions contracted. If no changes are made to the Card Back, it can be reused at any time with a new contract as long as the user’s account remains active or is re-activated.

Picture This reserves the right to review and revoke previously approved logos or images on Card Backs based on any issue that would arise that is inappropriate in nature for public use or viewing based solely on Picture This standards.

Please contact us with any additional questions

What is the right numbers of cards to use in a Picture This game?

The game allows you to select as few as 6 and as many 56 cards for a single game. Selecting the right number of cards should be based on a variety of factors when setting up a game:

  • How many images do you have available to use in a game, particularly a themed game? Each picture will appear twice on the game board, you’ll need enough photos to equal half the total number of cards in the game.
  • How many players or teams will be playing this particular game, and how long do you have to play at an event, party, or bar gaming night? The larger the number of players or teams, the more cards you’ll need to give everyone a chance to participate and keep the game challenging. The number of cards, just like the number of players and teams, will impact the time needed to complete a game.
  • Should the age and memory of the participants be a deciding factor in the number of cards used?Yes. The young will likely be best served by less complicated games. The adult creating the game will have the best understanding of the level of challenge a group of kids can handle without becoming frustrated or disinterested in the game. Too simple or too difficult are both concerns that should be considered when selecting the number of cards.Ironically, the same concerns that are raised by young children is also important when planning a game for, those with disabilities, elderly family members etc. The fun of finding matches and reminiscing is best achieved by not overwhelming them with too many cards. Caption guessing will offer another source of enjoyment and memory stimulation.

Are Sponsor Card Backs considered used once a game is created, or when played?

Every time a Sponsor Card Back is displayed on the back of card during a game of Picture This it is considered one (1) impression. Example: if a game of 20 cards is played by 5 players, 100 impressions will have been used. For public games at restaurants, bars, special events, etc. the game creator can use Custom Card Backs rather than Sponsor Card Backs.

Will my account track the statistics if I want to monitor the use of my Sponsor Card Backs?

Yes. Your account will show and track usage including the date, number of views, and location (city & state). Your use history will help you plan the right number of impressions you wish to invest in.

How do I pay my Card Back fees?

All Card Back fees are paid through PayPal. Picture This is not involved with collecting any data beyond a valid e-mail address and only if the person wishes to have an account in order to create Custom Card Backs, Sponsor Card Backs, or play the game on a laptop or desktop computer.

Please contact us with any additional questions

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